Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Sins of thy Beloved - Lake of Sorrow (1998) Classic Album

Genre : Gothic Doom Death
Country : Norway

For me this first album of the band is the best Gothic Doom album of all times. This album is Doom Metal with Gothic influences, melodic riffs, slow rhythm, awesome violins, sorrowful melodies, melancholic keyboards, romantic atmosphere, deep grunts and magnificent female vocals.

The violins work from Pete Johansen are amazing, the violins style is perfect, leading the melodies in many passages of this album. Their sound is sorrow, suffering, sadness, melancholy, hopeless, solitude, devastation, despair and anguish. Simply awesome! This album is a perfect masterpiece! Highly recommended!!!

1.My Love 09:30
2.The Kiss 08:56
3.Worthy of You 07:17
4.Lake of Sorrow 07:06
5.Until the Dark 06:39
6.All Alone 07:13
7.Silent Pain 08:02

Total playing time 54:41

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