Friday, May 22, 2009

Blazing Eternity - Over Sorte Heder (Demo 1996)

Genre : Black Doom
Country : Denmark

Blazing Eternity is an excellent Danish band formed by 2 members from Saturnus like session musicians. Their style in the beginning was Black Doom after Melodic Black Doom and now Melodic Doom. Their albums are crushing with melancholic melodies, weeping guitars, melodic riffs, keyboards, screaming growls and clean vocals. Blazing Eternity is highly recommended!!!

1.Over Sorte Heder 04:36
2.Towards the Thorns of Melancholy 04:04
3.Da Hobet Blev Borte For Altid... 02:32
4.Enthralled by Sorrow 06:32
5.The Romantic Forest Is Darker than Sadness 04:22

Total playing time 22:06

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