Friday, May 22, 2009

Blazing Eternity - A World To Drown In (2003)

Genre : Melodic Doom with Gothic influences
Country : Denmark

1.Cover Me With Your Eyes 04:19
2.To Meet You In Those Dreams 03:40
3.A World To Drown In 08:16
4.Stars In July 04:23
5.(Don't) Tell The World 04:35
6.Procession 03:10
7.En Nat Bliver Det Sommer 04:53
8.Monument 06:49
9.White 05:44

Total playing time 45:49

1 comment:

Sacris said...

Some songs like -stars in july- has a dreampop shoegazy or ethereal sound!!, that is weird!!.

I like this album but if I not listen this like a Doom metal release, I like this if I listen this like a Atmospherical Rock band as latest Anathema releases.

Good album in the ways of Anathema (no Doom era).