Monday, May 25, 2009

Dismal - Fiaba Lacrimevole : Like a Red Bleeding Rose in a Glacial Desert (1998)

Genre : Dark Doom Death
(Growls, clean vocals, female voices/Violin & keyboards)
Country : Italy

Dismal is an excellent band. Each album is an evolution, but always with obscure atmosphere, melancholic melodies, melodic riffs, violins, keyboards and excellent compositions. Their last albums have more classical arrangements and Gothic/Dark influences.

This first album for me is the best release from Dismal, has lots of melancholy, sadness and anguish. This album is awesome!
Highly recommended for fans of Desire!!!

1.Act I Dancing Around A Bonfire (During A Magical Rite Against The God) 03:07
2.Act II Beginning Of A Crusade Heading To Nekropolyx Or 'Waiting For The Storm' 09:15
3.Act IX Cristal-Tears In The Emerald-Forest Or Thinking About 'The Leviathan' 02:34
4.Act X The Holy Prayer Of Shatephyn To The Mighty Blazing Ice-Sword 08:00
5.Act IV (New Version) Suxpyrya - Crystalline Tears Kingdom 06:33
6.The Final Step Towards The Reign Of Utopia 09:54

Total playing time 39:23


Sacris said...
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Sacris said...

I Like this album!!!.

Anonymous said...

This is Michi from Doomland... This post is full of mistery and obskurity. Thanks Doomstermaniac!

Anonymous said...

thank you to this...i see you in myspace