Monday, May 25, 2009

Sin of Angels - In the Grip of Despair (2007)

Genre : Sludge Doom Death
Country : United States

Second full-length from Sin of Angels. Their style is Sludge Doom Death with crushing guitars, distorted riffs, ultra-heavy melodies, melodic passages, rhythm changes, slowest moments and aggressive grunts. Very interesting release. Recommended!

1.Administrative Maximum 05:25
2.Parasite 03:55
3.Era of the Fatherless 05:12
4.Eta Carinae 03:32
5.A New Reality 05:03
6.Rust 06:38
7.Dissolve 02:06
8.We Speak in Tongues 07:15
9.Alone Among Deceit 06:36

Total playing time 45:42

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