Saturday, May 16, 2009

Amorphis - Tales From the Thousand Lakes/Black Winter Day (1994) Classic Album

Genre : Melodic Doom Death/Progressive Doom
Country : Finland
"Tales..." is one of my favorites albums from my first Doomster days. This album contains classic songs, their sound is very different to other bands from the same period. Tracks like "Black Winter Day", "The Castaway", "Drowned Maid" and "Forgotten Sunrise" are big ones.
This re-released edition contains "Black Winter Day" EP and "Light My Fire" The Doors cover.

1.Thousand Lakes 02:03
2.Into Hiding 03:42
3.The Castaway 05:30
4.First Doom 03:49
5.Black Winter Day 03:48
6.Drowned Maid 04:23
7.In the Beginning 03:34
8.Forgotten Sunrise 04:50
9.To Fathers Cabin 03:47
10.Magic and Mayhem 04:27

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