Thursday, May 7, 2009

Left Hand Solution - Fevered (1997)

Genre : Melodic Doom (Female Vocals)
Country : Sweden

Left Hand Solution is an interesting band formed by 2 members from Darklands. Their style is Doom Metal with melodic riffs, rhythm changes, melancholic atmosphere, keyboards, excellent melodies, awesome female vocals and some male backing vocals.

It's an amazing album for fans of The Gathering, It Will Come, The River, Never Comes Silence and Murkrat. Highly recommended!!!

1.Thorns 05:22
2.Fevered 05:49
3.The Wounds of Bitterness 04:48
4.Illusion 06:17
5.Angels With the Last Plagues 03:27
6.Scorns of Time 05:58
7.The Futile Passion 03:45
8.Memories (Of the Tragedienne) 05:28
9.The Bleeding 06:23
10.Scarred 03:35

Total playing time 50:52

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