Thursday, May 7, 2009

Men in Search of the Perfect Weapon - Men In Search Of The Perfect Weapon (2005)

Genre : Sludge Doom
Country : Germany

Awesome first full-length of this German band, unfortunately the last album, because the band split up. They play a perfect Sludge Doom with melodic passages, ultra-heavy riffs, crushing melodies, dense atmosphere, beautiful dark moments, and cavernous grunts.
Highly recommended!

1.Hatred 04:49
2.Spirit Disease 07:58
3.Downward Spiral 02:22
4.Saguaro 06:26
5.Fall For Your Creation 07:51
6.The Last Nail 03:33
7.Atacama Rain 11:07

Total playing time 44:06

1 comment:

mariska said...

Fantastic band!! Great thick sound! Too bad that they split up...

They remind me of Hebosagil btw: Also a great great GREAT band!